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Working with the Geenees team was an absolute pleasure... I especially appreciate the time that they took to really understand our needs and create an app experience that matched our culture and operating processes.


I would strongly recommend the Geenees app to anyone that is seeking an attractive platform that makes gifting a fun and seamless process.”


Andrea Wilder,

Health & Wellness Manager,

BCIT Student Association.

Frequently asked questions

What is Geenees?

Geenees is a technology platform where you can invite your chosen families to create their specific wishlists of Items and services. Donors can then see the anonymous wishlists, purchase products or donate towards services like groceries and dental treatments. The gifts will be sent directly to the families or your organization.

Why should I get listed on Geenees?

Geenees allows you to quickly create wishlists for your organization and families, facilitate easy gift giving and create meaningful connection between your donors and your families - without even knowing their names!!!

1. We give you a new way to attract and engage new donors.
2. We create a contactless and easy way to faciliate your product and service donations.

What types of wishes can be listed on Geenees?

Your families can list: - Products from the database - Electronic gift cards to stores - Fundraising for Dental treatment at specific locations - Second hand items or items not on
You (the organization) can create their own wishlist with all the above and... - Fundraising for a specific project/cause/initiative - without a fee!!

Do I pay to get listed on Geenees?

Geenees was free for organizations to get listed throughout 2020. On Feb 10th, 2021 we have transitioned to new payment plans to fit our organizaitons' needs (See below):

What data do you collect on Families and how do you keep it private?

All we need is an EMAIL for the family to use on Geenees. Other than that, we don't require any other information. The family can choose to specify the number of members in their family, the ages of their kids, and share a short story about them - but this is completely optional and meant to create connection with the donors. Your families will be invited with a special, unique invitation code - which means only they can sign up to the app.

We hold all Canadian data on Canadian-only servers and use the best security tools to ensure no privacy issues or concerns from our organizations.

Do you provide tax receipts?

We help with your process by gathering all the information and receipts you need from donors easily in the app. Donors will then send you the information you need and you will process your receipts as usual. As we grow, we are looking to integrate with other platforms to make this process even easier for you and your donors.

What should I expect once I register to be listed on Geenees?

Once you register with Geenees, you will receive a welcome package and one of our trusted Community Engagement Leads will support you through each step of the process.
We aim to help you receiving your first donations within 4 weeks from the registration date.

We would love to answer your questions and make sure Geenees is for you! 
Submit the form below and we will schedule a 15-30 call with you.

What are your main challenges?

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Families receive donations of items they truly need while remaining anonymous

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Donors gift products, groceries and dental services anonymously and directly

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Nonprofits list their organization on the Geenees platform to engage donors and easily facilitate donations