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Create impact with essential items

A free donations platform for companies to support families in need with essential products

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How it works?

Help us Reach our Goal!

Geenees is on a holiday mission to reach $150,000 in donations for communities across Canada!

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What's in it for you?

Engage your Employees

Get Tax Deduction Receipt

Give Directly Contactless-ly, Online

Know The Impact

Your employees want to do good, empower them to choose a family or a cause they are passionate about and give them credits to donate.

Let us handle all Taxation documents for you, ensuring that you can meet your corporate reporting objectives.

100% of the donation goes to the family or nonprofit organization in a form of a product or service! And it's all done online!

All Geenees families vetted by registered nonprofit organizations. See their wishlist and know the exact impact you are making. 

Nonprofits and Local Partners

From our Community - To our Community

Geenees is a unique market-place, where local retail and service partners can offer their products and services for registered nonprofits, charities and families in need to add to their wishlist and donors to grant them directly.

Check out some of our local partners, for full list of charities with active wishlists CLICK HERE


 "I got emotional yesterday, teared up, and haven’t been able to shake it ever since. I signed up to give a holiday gift to a family in need through the Geenees platform and was matched with two families. 
Two single mothers. And their lists literally broke my heart. Socks. Underwear. The most basic things that I buy for my kids without thinking twice. And short stories of their struggles because of the pandemic, because of job loss. Everyone keeps saying that we are all in the same boat but we are not. It’s the same storm but our boats are different. And I just got a reminder to be kinder, have more empathy, and help more. Thank you for this reminder through your meaningful work. "

A Donor on Geenees


"The Geenees system helped us to deliver an effective way for us to create a wishlist, and for companies and individuals to purchase products through the app. This allowed us to funnel the toys to our office delivery - saving us much time in the process.


The Geenees team have been great to work with - understanding what we are looking for, as well as making changes to help adapt to our specific needs at YSM.


In total we were able to get 260 toys for our Toy Market bought through the Geenees app, which means that goes into the hands of 260 children for the Toy Market. "The whole donating process from beginning to end was so easy!" (donor). What we loved most about the Geenees app is it allowed us to put our toy choices in one location, and then coordinate with our families.


The customization to help us and understand our needs was great as they continue to expand their system.  Thanks so much to the Geenees team.  It was a great joy to work with the Geenees team who were so helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive along the way."


Jeff Abraham, Manager,

Volunteer Resources

"Working with the Geenees team was an absolute pleasure... I especially appreciate the time that they took to really understand our needs and create an app experience that matched our culture and operating processes. I would strongly recommend the Geenees app to anyone that is seeking an attractive platform that makes gifting a fun and seamless process.”


Andrea Wilder, 

Health & Wellness Manager

"Being a non-profit childcare organization has had many challenges this year. One of these challenges is making sure children in our care that need the extra assistance at Christmas time are taken care of and ok. The Geenees process was so easy to do. I simply introduced my families to the Geenees app and they were able to do everything on their own with ease, privacy and dignity. Thank you Geenees. Christmas for my families that you helped are so grateful."


Andre Davis, Director,

Edmonton Northwest Out of School Care and Preschool​

Frequently asked questions

What is Geenees?

Geenees is new way of giving in-kind (product and service) donations for families in need and nonprofit organizations! Now Geenees offers a way for employers to easily faciliate their holiday giving while engaging their employees and improving their employer brand.

How much does this cost? Geenees is FREE

$0, this is completely free!! We want to help support your corporate social responsibility journey and build a strong foundation for our relationship. 100% of your corporate giivng budget goes to families and organizations of your choice!

How can I empower employees?

Through our empower employees through giving program with “Geenee” credits, employees can give to causes and organizations they are passionate about, truly allowing them to feel the impact. Just think about allocating $X per employee to give!

How much work do I have to do?

The set up can be done same day! And we will provide all nessesary templates to communicate to your employees!

From our very first meeting we will ensure that we got you covered.
From providing you a demo to giving you all the resources you need to communicate both internally and externally - we make your choice to partner with us easy. Above all, we will provide you with a checklist of all we need from you, to give you confidence and transparency on your role.

Can you match me up with a non-profit?

Of course! We can match you with a nonprofit organization that embodies causes you are passionate about - whether it's organizations supporting diversity and inclusion efforts, provide essential products like clothing or groceries or help youth find their paths. Take a look at our active nonprofits and we will match you with the ones you choose.

How can I feel the impact of my donation?

Well, not only will 100% of your donation be given to the family itself, but you will receive an actual thank you note from the family!

Help us Reach our Goal!

Geenees is on a holiday mission to reach $150,000 in donations for communities across Canada!

Goal meter-6.png

Want to learn more and ask questions?